DCI Aerotech History

DURING WORLD WAR II, metro Detroit Michigan was quoted by President Franklin D. Roosevelt as housing the “Arsenal of Democracy” for the United States. At that time, 7515 Lyndon Avenue was one of the metal finishers, intimately involved in supporting the war effort. In 1948 the plant was sold to the private sector and Chrome Electro Forming (A.K.A. Detroit Chrome) was born. From its roots the company has consistently focused on its commitment to quality. Starting off as a 2,600 square foot / single process plant, the company has expanded its facility to include 7 buildings on a 1.63 acre campus and currently performs over 100 different processes.

WW II plane

In 1996 the company received its first Nadcap certification in chemical processing and DCI Aerotech (a division of Detroit Chrome) began. Since 1996 the company has expanded its Nadcap certifications to include nondestructive testing, surface enhancement (shot peening), grinding and HVoF. Additionally the company retained approval from the FAA as a certified “FAA Repair Station”, making DCI Aerotech one of the few metal finishers in the country with that designation.


DCI’s current size and certifications, allows us to be a turn-key operation for all of our customers. The benefits of a turn-key facility for our customers include; eliminating duplication of vendors and decreased turnaround times for our customers. For a more detailed listing of our capabilities, please refer to our “DCI Processes” menu and remember, the next time you fly, think DCI!