Clean & Passivate

Clean and Passivate


Alpha Case Removal Chemical Descaling
Pre-Penetrant Etch Etch Inspection
Mechanical Cleaning Pickling
Inconell Cleaning Passivation
Citric Acid Passivation Titanium Cleaning
EDM Recast Removal Alkaline Cleaning

descaled aircraft parts Alpha Case is an oxygen enriched, alpha stabilized surface which can be either casting or thermally generated. The alpha case is problematic to the subsequent use of the article in some applications, because it has reduced fatigue resistance and increased susceptibility to impact damage, as compared with the underlying alpha-beta or other microstructure. In conjunction with our state of the art lab DCI will cut mount and polish your specimen to determine the alpha case layer thickness. After the layer thickness is established DCI can use mechanical and chemical means to remove the desired dimension.

Passivation is the chemical treatment of a stainless steel with a mild oxidant, such as a nitric or citric acid solution, for the purpose of the removal of free iron or other foreign matter. The formation of the protective passive film on a stainless steel will occur spontaneously in air or other oxygen containing environment when the stainless steel surface is free of oxide scale and exogenous matter.

DCI offers the following post test verification services:

  • Practice A-Water Immersion Test
  • Practice B-High Humidity Test
  • Practice C-Salt Spray Test
  • Practice D-Copper Sulfate Test
  • Practice E-Potassium Ferricyanide-Nitric Acid Test
  • Practice F-Free Iron Test
  • Clean and Passivate

Pre-Penetrant Etch Descaling (Pickling) is the removal of heavy, tightly adherent oxide films resulting from hot-forming, heat treatment, welding, and other high-temperature operations. When necessary, scale may be removed by chemical methods, mechanical methods (for example, abrasive blasting, sanding, grinding, power brushing), or by a combination of these.

Pre-Penetrant Etch uses either acid or caustic solutions to remove 0.0001″ to 0.0004″ of material from the parts surface. DCI offers immersion or swab etching. Material smearing can have a detrimental effect on Liquid Penetrant Inspection as defects that are normally open to the surface can be partially or completely covered over. DCI’s etch line includes tanks for etching of Titanium, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Inconell and other nickel based alloys.

Cleaaning Services Cleaning Services: DCI can safely chemically or mechanically clean surfaces ranging from Magnesium to Titanium to our Pratt & Whitney (SPOP 211) approved Inconell cleaning line. DCI offers pre-weld cleaning of components to ACES 1178 as well as mechanical cleaning of welds with designated Stainless Steel and Aluminum blasting cabinets. DCI is approved by Pratt & Whitney (PWA 83-A3) as well as Rolls-Royce for solvent vapor cleaning. White layer removal in accordance with PN 14.50-03 can also be performed for Hamilton Sundstrand products.
Clean and Passivate Clean and Passivate


ASTM B600 ACES 2486 ASTM A967
AMS 2463 AMS 2463 GE P4TF2
GE P4TF2 HS 7725 AMS QQ-P-35
AMS 2700 PWA 83-A3 SPOP 211
ASTM A380 HS 760 PN 14.50-03
PN 14.10 HS 178 SPS- 209
ACES 16P50 ACES 16P51 VS 1-3-1-93
ACES 16P14 ACES 1178 AS7472
AS7481 AS7482 AS7482
EMS85040 EPS 11250 AS 7474
BAC 5625 DPS 9.07 MIL-STD-1504
P3610 MIL-S-5002 TS P-3123
PS 2026 SPG-MPS-026 ACES 7128